Professional Courier Tracking

Courier Professional is one of the very old courier services in India also known as the professional courier. Just like any other courier business, the core service is to collect packages from the customers and deliver them to the recipient. it has spread across all over India and has many branches even in small regions. It is very easy to find one professional courier service nearby to your locality and to send the parcels.

This courier service also offers a professional courier tracking feature that can be used to track the live location of the parcel. All you need is the consignment number that can be entered online to get the status. There are different ways to track the status of the package. The most commonly used ones are through online tracking and SMS tracking.

Professional Tracking Procedure

Here, we are going to cover the various options available to check the status of the package. The one that we are most interested in and widely used is online tracking. The consignment number is a 7 to 11 digit number that can be obtained at the time of booking a parcel. We have to keep this number till the delivery of the package. Once the package is delivered, then you don’t need to keep it with you.

The usage of this consignment is to track the status of your booked courier. You will be able to know whether the shipment has yet started or not. You can know where exactly is your package when it will be delivered and also whether it is delivered or not. All these details can be obtained with just the tracking number.

Now you know the worth of keeping the consignment number till the delivery. Let’s take a look at how to use this consignment number to get the status of the package. Visit, the official website of the professional couriers, and on the homepage itself, you will find a box to enter the consignment number. You will be shown with all the details about the package. See how easy it is to track the package.

Professional courier services

The services are customized and tailored to each individual that you will love to book your packages always with them. Some commonly and widely used services are detailed here:

  • Express Service: You want to get your package delivered quickly, then this is the one you should go with. This service guarantees the delivery on time and also ensures the next delivery depending on the location.
  • Air Cargo: Have partnered with many major airlines for delivering time-sensitive materials. Time-sensitive materials include medicines, vaccines, foods, and other perishable commodities.
  • Pick and Pack: TpcGlobe has huge manpower specialized in packaging and processing. They pick the parcels from home, pack them and deliver them.
  • Mass Mails: Email messages have become quite popular in the 20th centuray. Many entities reach the customer through emails only. The TpcGlobe has set up infrastructure to help entities in delivering emails to their customers.
  • International Services: The global express and university express are the two international services offered to the customers. Global express is to send all documents and non-document across the globe. University express is only for students to send any documents related to colleges.
  • Domestic Services: All other services fall under domestic services. This is to send all goods with in India form one part to another part. This service is so cheap and at the same time quality is also maintained.

This is overall about the professional courier services and their tracking features. Hope you got an idea about the company and also how to track your package.

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