How the Courier System Works in India and Africa

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In any country, a typical mailing or courier system works the same way. In this article, we will cover write in-depth about how the courier system works in both India and Africa. Also, we will highlight the key differences between these two counties and also provide you with the list of courier systems that you can use to send parcels between India and Africa.

Process of Delivering a Mail through Courier

In general, the process of sending letters from one place to another place works almost the same with any courier service. It starts with writing a piece of content on paper or choosing an item or article to be sent to the recipient. Then one has to package the article and visit the courier service. Thereby letting the destination location, the staff will let you know the price it takes to send you the parcel. After paying the amount the logistics company will take the next actions and follow their supply chain management to handle the logistics. It is the logistics company’s responsibility to deliver it to the destination. A typical process of delivering a package contains these steps.

Now where exactly the differentiation comes in the courier system process between India and Africa. So far we have seen an overview process of delivering a package. We didn’t see an in-depth process of how both Africa and India use technology, providing security, reliability, and delivery on time.

India and Africa courier system

When we look into these aspects, we will find clear differences in how the logistics business works in Africa and India. The following article focuses on these aspects.

Indian Courier Services

In India, there are many courier services available like the DTDC, BlueDart, India Post, and many others. The Indian government owns the Indian post office and others are private logistic services. Private business units can establish courier services and can deliver the parcels across the country and to international locations as well. However, these private logistic businesses have to follow certain norms in order to run the business.

All these parcel services operate 24×7 and deliver the goods on time. The one exception is they accept the parcels from the customers during business hours only. Customers have to make sure that they hand over the packages to the pickup points in time. So that, they can be delivered within your excepted time. Otherwise, you have to pay more to avail of premium and speedy services, or else you wouldn’t expect on-time delivery.

Almost all the packaging services use the technology to automate the logistics and also to provide tracking information to the customers. With the number of companies increasing day by day in the logistic business, there is extremely high competition and this has made these logistic units to introduce many features that cover a wide range of customers and fulfill their varying needs. The outstanding thing is that all these logistic companies can deliver to any part of the country within the expected time frame.

African Courier Services

A huge number of courier services operate on the African continent. As it has different countries, each country has its own logistic service and the Africa post is the only that is available across the entire African continent. It is actually operated by both North and South Africa and was established in the year 1910.

Some of the countries in Africa are rich and some other are poor. This difference makes a big impact on the logistic companies to provide the services to their customers. That is why the services vary from country to country keeping their customers in mind. A wide range of options right from low cost to high cost are available. If you compare with India, the India post charges almost the same to deliver a package across any state. Whereas this is not the same, the price keeps on changing and a lot of factors play the role in deciding the price.

All these factors don’t impact the quality of the services provided by the Africa post. They do offer end to end logistics as they have a wide network of post offices. They do safeguard the package without tampering with them and provides security to the valuable goods.

I hope these differences have given you a clear picture of how a typical logistic business operates in any country. In the upcoming posts, we will write more about a specific courier service and how these operate in both India and Africa.

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