Blue Dart Courier Tracking

In South Asia, Blue Dart is the most well-known and prestigious courier service. It features a top-notch, outstanding integrated air express package distributing company. Blue Dart Courier Company began operations in November 1983. Nariman Point in Mumbai, India, served as the organization’s main office. Three individuals—Mr. Clyde Cooper, Mr. Khushroo Dubash, and Mr. Tushar Jani—founded this business. To launch the Blue Dart courier company, these three individuals each contributed Rs 30,000. Blue dart tracking is the primary service offered by this business. By utilising the most recent, cutting-edge, and sophisticated technologies, this function was created. The ability to track a package’s present location is provided by this feature, and packages are tracked using blue dart counters. For agency opportunities, Blue Dart invites new marketers.

India Post, Speed Post, DTDC, Blue Dart, DTDC, Professional and DHL courier companies are among the top leading courier services in India. is the most prominent, accurate and trusted website to find the tracking status of customers parcels, booked in Blue Dart, DTDC, Speed Post, India Post, Professional and etc courier companies. As a result of defeating these courier services, blue dart Courier Company is now India’s most well-known brand. It is the best courier service in South Asia, not just in India. Nearly 35000 sites in India offer its services, which are provided by a private firm. With DHL’s collaboration, the Blue Dart Courier Firm expanded its services to more than 220 nations and territories. DHL is the world’s premier express distribution company. The services and goods of Blue Dart are certified to ISO 9001:2008. Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance was responsible for awarding this ISO 9001-2008 certification.

Mumbai, India is the location of Blue Dart’s headquarters. Anil Khanna, the company’s managing director, Sharad Upasani, the board’s chairman and an independent director, Narendra P Sarda, Thomas Kipp, Malcolm Monteiro, Retd. Air Marshal M. McMahon, Bettina Staffa, the company’s female director, and Charles Brewer, an additional director, are the other members of the board. The revenue of Rs 25,530.62 million for the period of April 2015 to March 2016 makes these board members quite happy.

Customers may rely on Blue Dart for rapid, dependable, trustworthy services and products that are also affordable. Customers always receive friendly service from Blue Dart. Bluedart maintains six Boeing and seven 757 freighters for use in airborne package delivery. Bluedart maintains 9673 cars for use in roadside parcel delivery. Domestic hubs for the blue dart airline in India include Lower Parel, Cochin, Rama Road, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai (Central hub), Bengaluru, Navi Mumbai, and Erode. Blue Dart’s international departure points are Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi, which are all located near Hong Kong, London, Dubai, Singapore, Bahrain, and Frankfurt.

Below are a list of the services and goods that Blue Dart offers:

  • Domestic Priority.
  • Dart Apex (Air Package Express).
  • Dart Surfaceline (Surface Express).
  • International Services.
  • Smart Box.
  • Express Pallet.
  • Charters.
  • Interline.
  • Regional Services.
  • Temperature Controlled Logistics.
Blue dart courier tracking

Blue Dart Tracking via Web

Blue dart courier tracking is the primary service offered by blue dart Courier Company to its clients. For every Blue dart customer, this track and trace tool is quite helpful. Everybody can discover the precise status of their package, delivery, or consignment with our blue dart tracking application. The Blue Dart courier tracking can be found by simply following the steps below.

  • The Blue dart tracking number should first be noted down from the booking confirmation.
  • It is an eight-digit barcode with a tracking number that is unique.
  • Visit the official blue dart website or blue dart app.
  • The tracking tool’s text box is where you should type in the tracking number, reference number, or AWB number.
  • Click the “Track” button to start.
  • The current status of your package will be sent to you after some time.
  • At the base of the tracking tool box, this status will be visible.
  • After the date of shipping, you can trace the shipments for up to 45 days.
  • You can follow one shipment here or many shipments simultaneously.
  • Place commas between each shipment if there are several of them.
  • Contact customer service if you run into any problems locating the status of your package.
Blue dart Tracking

Blue dart Courier Tracking Via SMS

In the last section, we learned how to locate the blue dart tracking on the internet. In a similar vein, we are aware of how to trace the blue dart courier by SMS in this instance. The customer can view the courier tracking status of their domestic and international shipments. To find out the current status, just use the reference number. To check the status of the courier, follow the procedures below.

  • Enter the article’s current state by typing “T space> Reference Number” to 56767, for instance, T 123456789.
  • Enter “I <space> Reference Number” to 56767, for instance, “I 123456789,” to find out the status of the article’s delivery.
  • After sending an SMS, you will receive an SMS on your mobile device with the consignment’s current status or delivery status.
  • According to the mobile networks, SMS fees are applicable.
  • Airtel, Idea, Jio, Vodafone, and other mobile networks are examples.

Blue Dart Services And Products

  • Domestic Priority: This service is quick and dependable. Small package deliveries can be made from door to door using this service. Everywhere in India, the parcel must weigh 32 kg.
  • Blue Dart’s most effective service is called Dart Apex (Air Package Express). Door-to-door service is provided in India. Furthermore, provides day-certain domestic logistics delivery options for commercial shipments. Sending packages must weigh at least 10 kg.
  • This is Blue Dart’s most affordable service, Dart Surface line (Surface Express). In India, this service provides door-to-door delivery and ground transportation. A minimum of 10 kg must be included in the package weight. In around 35000 places across India, Blue Dart has expanded this service.
  • It is a 24-hour cooling off period service, hence there is no cooling off period. X-ray, for instance.
  • Cut-off times for late at night and airport to airport.
  • Delivery in the morning and shipments of greater volume.

The greatest services are offered to consumers in India and around the world by Blue Dart Courier Company. In terms of dependability, security, and speed, Blue Dart provides the best services to its clients. One of the greatest blue dart tracking systems is available from Blue Dart courier company. With cutting-edge technology, this gadget offers excellent value. In a matter of seconds, it displays the results. The tracking data for the blue dart courier is precise. In India, compared to other courier services, it is the best courier company.

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