Difference between India Post and Africa Post

In this post, we are going to bring you the two major post offices that are well established in India and Africa. It is good to know about these post offices. This will give you deep insight into how they work in different countries.

India Post

The Department of Indian postal services is one of the fastest mail delivering company operating in India by Ministry of Communications and IT Technology, has earned the respect of being one of the leading service providers. It is specialized in both domestic and international mails and also provides the other services like small savings scheme, insurance, retails services and etc. It has powerful business network across every corner of India. It has the world best post tracking tool. By using this, you can find the latest information of your consignment.

India Post

It is India’s premier and expert mail delivery service for Indian citizens. It is the domestic market leader in India. It is delivering the mails with speed, secure and safety across every nook of India. It is the associate of Universal Postal Union and EMS, which is one of the world’s largest express transportation companies. Along with EMS, it provides the services across 99 foreign countries. Through this association it offer time definite and express services to customers in India and also around Globe.

Its services are fast as well as a unique delivery service provider in India. It is one stop for every customer needs like speed, safety, secure and value for money basis services. It has wide and largest network in both domestic and international destinations. They value for customer satisfaction. It has the quality management and professional team. It is and economical, door to door and ground distribution service within India.

Africa Post

Africa postal services are established around the year 1910 by the union of South Africa and North Africa. It offers end to end logistics and production network answers for postal services. It is professionally overseen by industry specialists having rich experience. Innovation in tracking technology makes the Africa Post as one of the best postal service provider across global. It is completely dedicated to work for their esteemed customers with enthusiasm, devotion, focus and respectability.

Africa Post

Africa Post is the most reliable and trusted service provider, with commitments of on time, prompt and courteous service with zero error. It has rapidly grown into a global brand, recognized for its customized services and innovative products. It is listed as most preferred one by customers. This postal service provides innovative solution for their esteemed customers.

It is always trying to provide best quality services to their value customers by educating and prompting staff. It is the market leading express delivery and logistics services to the South Africa and North Africa. It provide the services like express courier delivery, freight forwarding, logistics, supply chain management, e-commerce and record management services.

It is committed to provide a safe working environment for their employees and ensuring that no human or labor rights violation takes place at premises or across supply chain. Aligned with this, Africa Post abides by all national and international human rights, labor laws and regulations. It has strong local network, knowledge and transportation solution. They have very efficient and effective last mile delivery.

It is contributing toward society, education, entrepreneurship, protecting environment, adhering to safety and health of people, allows customers to ship items to a range of society responsible causes, including disaster relief and youth empowerment related initiatives as a responsible corporate citizen.

Key Differences between India Post and Africa Post

The main difference between these mail services providers are given below:

  • Indian Postal service is a postal service provided by Government of India, to facilitate high speed delivery of documents and others. On the other hand Africa Post is also Government utility service, to provide faster delivery of important documents and others.
  • India mail service is available throughout the year except on Sundays and public holidays. Whereas Africa postal services are available throughout the year, including the Sundays.
  • Africa Post deliveries faster and more secure, when compare to India Post.
  • India Post tracking tool is far better than Africa post tracking tool.
  • India postal service has one rate across India, where as Africa Post rates are change from destination to destination.
  • Africa Post and India Post are fast in major cities. But in villages, towns India mail is faster than Africa Post.

Advantage of India Post

  • Saves time and cost.
  • Time bound delivery.
  • Security, reliability and guarantee.
  • Best network in every corner of India.

Advantage of Africa Post

  • You can track single shipment or multiple shipments at single time.
  • Fast deliver, reliable and safety.
  • Save money and time.
  • Best network in African states.

India Post And Africa Post Features

  • Both deliver letters and parcels.
  • Most efficient, cost-effective dispatch service providers.
  • Full service tracking and tailored management information reporting.
  • Pick, pack and dispatch services.
  • Data management and Customized distribution.
  • All deliveries in pre-opening time.
  • Efficient service at reduced cost.
  • Optimal delivery choices and multi routing.
  • Leading and trusted carriers.
  • Package delivered on time and every time.
  • Both have the widest network.
  • Value added services and Economical.
  • Door to Door / Door to Airport.
  • Airport to Door / Airport to Airport.
  • Cost effective and less time sensitive shipments.
  • Multi modal transport system.
  • First class customer services.
  • Wide options and high flexibility.
  • Reliable service providers. Quality, committed and valuable service providers.

Both the services are leading service providers, when compare to the other courier companies. These are fully computerized and their branches are inter-connected through their official website for centralized data. By using India post tracking tool and Africa Post tracking tool, you can monitor the current or delivery status details of the shipment. Finally, these services are reliable, responsive and value for money basis to the esteemed customers.

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