Professional Courier Tracking is one of the very old courier services in India also known as the professional courier. Just like any other courier business, the core service is to collect packages from the customers and deliver them to the recipient. it has spread across all over India and has many branches even in small regions. It is very easy to find one professional courier service nearby to your locality and to send the parcels.

This courier service also offers a professional courier tracking feature that can be used to track the live location of the parcel. All you need is the consignment number that can be entered online to get the status. There are different ways to track the status of the package. The most commonly used ones are through online tracking and SMS tracking.

How to Track professional Courier

Here, we are going to cover the various options available to check the status of the package. The one that we are most interested in and widely used is online tracking. The consignment number is a 7 to 11 digit number that can be obtained at the time of booking a parcel. We have to keep this number till the delivery of the package. Once the package is delivered, then you don’t need to keep it with you.

The usage of this consignment is to track the status of your booked courier. You will be able to know whether the shipment has yet started or not. You can know where exactly is your package when it will be delivered and also whether it is delivered or not. All these details can be obtained with just the tracking number.

Now you know the worth of keeping the consignment number till the delivery. Let’s take a look at how to use this consignment number to get the status of the package. Visit, the official website of the professional couriers, and on the homepage itself, you will find a box to enter the consignment number. You will be shown with all the details about the package. See how easy it is to track the package.

Professional courier services

The services are customized and tailored to each individual that you will love to book your packages always with them. Some commonly and widely used services are detailed here:

professional courier tracking

Express Service: You want to get your package delivered quickly, then this is the one you should go with. This service guarantees the delivery on time and also ensures the next delivery depending on the location.

Air Cargo: Have partnered with many major airlines for delivering time-sensitive materials. Time-sensitive materials include medicines, vaccines, foods, and other perishable commodities.

Pick and Pack: TpcGlobe has huge manpower specialized in packaging and processing. They pick the parcels from home, pack them and deliver them.

Mass Mails: Email messages have become quite popular in the 20th centuray. Many entities reach the customer through emails only. The TpcGlobe has set up infrastructure to help entities in delivering emails to their customers.

International Services: The global express and university express are the two international services offered to the customers. Global express is to send all documents and non-document across the globe. University express is only for students to send any documents related to colleges.

Domestic Services: All other services fall under domestic services. This is to send all goods with in India form one part to another part. This service is so cheap and at the same time quality is also maintained.

This is overall about the professional courier services and their tracking features. Hope you got an idea about the company and also how to track your package.

Unblocked Games for School

Playing games online is a lot of fun and some sorts of like puzzles increase the IQ of the people. However, on the other side, there are some cons like it just wastes time and also makes people lazy. Some people go to an extent that they spend the whole day playing PUBG.

Here we are not recommending the games that kill your time. Instead, we suggest the ones that kill your boredom and increases your thinking capability. You can find an extensive list of unblocked games at, Before going to this list first let see what are unblocked games.

What are Unblocked Games

It is estimated that many school students play a lot of games during school hours. This has been identified by the school administration and has blocked the installation of flash player in the browser. This has indirectly blocked access to many online games.

Students have got bored and identified ways to play during free hours. And that’s the outcome of html5 games. HTML5 ones do not require any installation of a flash player and cannot be blocked so easily. Now coming to the meaning, games that cannot be blocked and can be played are called unblocked games.

unblocked games

Here is the list of some of the popular unblocked games that you can play during school hours.

This is quite popular and even I played this one a lot of times. This is quite a funny one and you have to beat online players. This starts with a small circle character which you have to control using the mouse. You have to eat the circles that are smaller than you and at the same time, you have to protect yourself from bigger circles. The smaller the circle, it can move fast and the bigger ones move slowly. You can play it as long as you are not killed by the bigger ones.


It is the most popular board game. It increases one’s ability to think beyond what the opponent can. This one starts with 16 pieces for you and your opponent. You have to play this one strategically and let not make the opponent think about your moves. You have to kill the opponent’s king and it is over. Make sure to play this at least once a day.


This is an old classic one. Here you have to construct a wall without any spaces. It starts with an empty space and gives you different pre-defined shaped blocks randomly. You have to fill the space with these blocks without any empty space. What’s so special about this one is, it lets you think about how to use those blocks wisely in filling up space.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw is the most popular unblocked puzzle game. I think everyone has played jigsaw at least once in their lifetime. This one starts with scrambled pieces of a picture. You have to put those pieces together to form the picture. There is a time limit also, you have to solve the puzzle within that time.

Hidden Objects

I am not interested in finding hidden objects. But some students are very much interested in these hidden object games. It shows us pictures at each level. These pictures contain so many objects and we have to find the hidden objects in them. Finding objects is not so easy and it takes a lot of time. This one improves one’s ability to understand the picture and explore all the items in that.


Racing bikes and cars are quite interesting games. Well, who don’t want to beat their opponent in a racing. There are many variations of these racing ones and each one is quite interesting to play. I have played so many racings like the Asphalt, drag racing, NFS, and many others. They are all very fascinating and have spent a lot of time. I have thoroughly enjoyed playing these.


This is my other favorite one. Have played many variations of unblocked shooting games. The simple one is the stick shooting which is quite easy at the beginning and the difficulty increases as the play progresses. I enjoy killing bad guys and saving innocent people. This shooting gives me that pleasure.

In the end, whatever the game maybe one has to enjoy playing it. My suggestion to students is to play these unblocked games only for 30 mins to 1 hour a day and do not spend more than that. I strongly suggest first focus on your studies, finish your homework, and then only play in your free time.

To conclude, playing unblocked games has its pros and cons. It is the student’s choice to decide on what is their high priority. They have to give importance to the priority things first and then only have to play.

DTDC International Courier to Africa and Tracking

The DTDC provides services like domestic & international where the parcels can be delivered within India and to international locations like Arica. These packages can be tracked using the dtdc tracking feature which is available on the DTDC portal. The courier company provides the Air waybill number that can be used to check the status of the courier.

DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd is one of the leading and prominent distribution companies in India. This company was started in 1990 by Mr. Subhashish Chakraborty. One of the important factors of this company is it can deliver parcels to both domestic and international locations. By using advanced technology, It has developed one of the finest webs and SMS based tracking. With this, you can find the status of your consignment. It gives a high priority to the customers and offers quality features in the field of courier business in India.

DTDC has the largest delivery network in India. It is an ISO 9001:2015 certified courier company. In India, it delivers packages to almost close to 10000 pin codes and handles 10 million parcels per month giving its customers the best in the industry. It serves almost 240 international countries and territories supported by its own offices in the US, UK, Dubai, Singapore, Canada, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Turkey, and associate offices in all important global destinations.

DTDC International Courier

The headquarter of DTDC is situated in Bangalore and its zonal offices are Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata respectively. The mission of the company actually stands unique when compared to other courier businesses in the country. This courier company gives utmost importance to their customers and this is the reason why customers across the world use this courier facility.

From the last 25 years, DTDC has emerged as the top leading mails delivery company in India and around the world, in the way of delivering domestic express couriers and delivery of logistics. It is very efficient and punctual in time and products. Customers can easily get in touch with the company with their complaints or queries at any of their regional offices. The company wants to become the leading and the country’s most preferred retail and express conglomerate, end to end logistics with extensive international reach. The idea is to reach the remotest corner of the world and to provide exceptional features and products to both international and domestic customers.

DTDC Tracking Procedure

The tracking procedure of a domestic or international consignment is given below:

  • First visit the official website
  • Enter the consignment number or reference number or airway bill number in the form, which is printed on the booking receipt.
  • You can enter up to 25 air waybill numbers and can track a maximum of 25 consignments at a time. The consignment numbers should be separated by commas.
  • After that press the ‘Track’ button. Then the website will show you the latest tracking result of the parcel.
  • You can also track through the SMS facility. Just type ‘TRACK<space>Consignment number’ and send SMS to 9230092300.
  • To check pin code serviceability through SMS feature. Just type ‘PIN<space>Pin Code’ and send SMS to 9230092300.
  • To check city serviceability through SMS provider. Just type ‘CITY<space>City Name’ and send SMS to 9230092300.
  • If you facing any problem related to tracking, you can directly contact DTDC customer care.

DTDC Products and Services

The products and services of DTDC are given below:

  • DTDC Lite – It is a domestic express courier for delivering documents and small parcels.
  • Value-based Services – The main features are cash on delivery, freight on delivery, and delivery of declared person for valuable items.
  • Express courier – These are classified into Document and Non-document features.
  • Cargo Services – Door to Door, Door to Airport, and Airport to Airport facility.
  • Student Express – Sending applications, personal documents to universities and institutes, free pickup, and guaranteed delivery.
  • 24/7 online tracking is available.
  • Excess Baggage – Seamless and cost-effective solutions with safe packaging and reasonable time frame delivery.
  • Imports Express – Customs clearance.
  • International Cash On Delivery – Payment made by the consignee on receipt of shipment.
  • DTDC Plus – Delivery of documents and packages up to 10 kilos.
  • DTDC Blue – Delivery of documents and packages up to 10 kilos.
  • Prime Time Plus – Time definite courier with assured delivery.
  • Premium Express Cargo – Next business day delivery. Delivery of packages up to 100 Kgs.
  • Priority Services – Handle shipments through Air or Rail or Road or fastest express mode available.
  • Supply Chain Solutions – A complete end to end solution that provides reliability in freight solutions.
  • International Freight Forward – Air, Sea-Air, Ocean Freight, and Project cargo services.
  • New World-Retail Services – Convenience, offering, trust and make life easy.
  • Travel Services – Train and bus ticket booking.
  • Mobile Recharge – Top-up for mobile phones.
    Utility Bill Payments – Electricity, Gas, water, and Telephone bill payments.
  • DTH renewal.
  • Financial services.
  • Gifting services.
  • Movie or event ticket booking.
  • Warehouse management.

DTDC is one of the best courier services in India and all over the world. It provides features to the customers that are valued on a money basis and value-added services. The courier tracking tool is the best and reliable feature. It gives more accurate results when compared to other courier companies tracking tool services. The last word about DTDC, it is best and gives the best solutions for all your delivery requirements.

Difference between India Post and Africa Post

In this post, we are going to bring you the two major post offices that are well established in India and Africa. It is good to know about these post offices. This will give you deep insight into how they work in different countries.

India Post

The Department of Indian postal services is one of the fastest mail delivering company operating in India by Ministry of Communications and IT Technology, has earned the respect of being one of the leading service providers. It is specialized in both domestic and international mails and also provides the other services like small savings scheme, insurance, retails services and etc. It has powerful business network across every corner of India. It has the world best post tracking tool. By using this, you can find the latest information of your consignment.

It is India’s premier and expert mail delivery service for Indian citizens. It is the domestic market leader in India. It is delivering the mails with speed, secure and safety across every nook of India. It is the associate of Universal Postal Union and EMS, which is one of the world’s largest express transportation companies. Along with EMS, it provides the services across 99 foreign countries. Through this association it offer time definite and express services to customers in India and also around Globe.

Its services are fast as well as a unique delivery service provider in India. It is one stop for every customer needs like speed, safety, secure and value for money basis services. It has wide and largest network in both domestic and international destinations. They value for customer satisfaction. It has the quality management and professional team. It is and economical, door to door and ground distribution service within India.

Africa Post

Africa postal services are established around the year 1910 by the union of South Africa and North Africa. It offers end to end logistics and production network answers for postal services. It is professionally overseen by industry specialists having rich experience. Innovation in tracking technology makes the Africa Post as one of the best postal service provider across global. It is completely dedicated to work for their esteemed customers with enthusiasm, devotion, focus and respectability.

Africa Post is the most reliable and trusted service provider, with commitments of on time, prompt and courteous service with zero error. It has rapidly grown into a global brand, recognized for its customized services and innovative products. It is listed as most preferred one by customers. This postal service provides innovative solution for their esteemed customers.

It is always trying to provide best quality services to their value customers by educating and prompting staff. It is the market leading express delivery and logistics services to the South Africa and North Africa. It provide the services like express courier delivery, freight forwarding, logistics, supply chain management, e-commerce and record management services.

It is committed to provide a safe working environment for their employees and ensuring that no human or labor rights violation takes place at premises or across supply chain. Aligned with this, Africa Post abides by all national and international human rights, labor laws and regulations. It has strong local network, knowledge and transportation solution. They have very efficient and effective last mile delivery.

It is contributing toward society, education, entrepreneurship, protecting environment, adhering to safety and health of people, allows customers to ship items to a range of society responsible causes, including disaster relief and youth empowerment related initiatives as a responsible corporate citizen.

Key Differences between India Post and Africa Post

The main difference between these mail services providers are given below:

  • Indian Postal service is a postal service provided by Government of India, to facilitate high speed delivery of documents and others. On the other hand Africa Post is also Government utility service, to provide faster delivery of important documents and others.
  • India mail service is available throughout the year except on Sundays and public holidays. Whereas Africa postal services are available throughout the year, including the Sundays.
  • Africa Post deliveries faster and more secure, when compare to India Post.
  • India Post tracking tool is far better than Africa post tracking tool.
  • India postal service has one rate across India, where as Africa Post rates are change from destination to destination.
  • Africa Post and India Post are fast in major cities. But in villages, towns India mail is faster than Africa Post.

Advantage of India Mail

  • Saves time and cost.
  • Time bound delivery.
  • Security, reliability and guarantee.
  • Best network in every corner of India.

Advantage of Africa Post

  • You can track single shipment or multiple shipments at single time.
  • Fast deliver, reliable and safety.
  • Save money and time.
  • Best network in African states.

India Post And Africa Post Features

  • Both deliver letters and parcels.
  • Most efficient, cost-effective dispatch service providers.
  • Full service tracking and tailored management information reporting.
  • Pick, pack and dispatch services.
  • Data management and Customized distribution.
  • All deliveries in pre-opening time.
  • Efficient service at reduced cost.
  • Optimal delivery choices and multi routing.
  • Leading and trusted carriers.
  • Package delivered on time and every time.
  • Both have the widest network.
  • Value added services and Economical.
  • Door to Door / Door to Airport.
  • Airport to Door / Airport to Airport.
  • Cost effective and less time sensitive shipments.
  • Multi modal transport system.
  • First class customer services.
  • Wide options and high flexibility.
  • Reliable service providers.
  • Quality, committed and valuable service providers.

Both the services are leading service providers, when compare to the other courier companies. These are fully computerized and their branches are inter-connected through their official website for centralized data. By using India post tracking tool and Africa Post tracking tool, you can monitor the current or delivery status details of the shipment. Finally, these services are reliable, responsive and value for money basis to the esteemed customers.

How the Courier System Works in India and Africa

In any country, a typical mailing or courier system works the same way. In this article, we will cover write in-depth about how the courier system works in both India and Africa. Also, we will highlight the key differences between these two counties and also provide you with the list of courier systems that you can use to send parcels between India and Africa.

Process of Delivering a Mail through Courier

In general, the process of sending letters from one place to another place works almost the same with any courier service. It starts with writing a piece of content on paper or choosing an item or article to be sent to the recipient. Then one has to package the article and visit the courier service. Thereby letting the destination location, the staff will let you know the price it takes to send you the parcel. After paying the amount the logistics company will take the next actions and follow their supply chain management to handle the logistics. It is the logistics company’s responsibility to deliver it to the destination. A typical process of delivering a package contains these steps.

Now where exactly the differentiation comes in the courier system process between India and Africa. So far we have seen an overview process of delivering a package. We didn’t see an in-depth process of how both Africa and India use technology, providing security, reliability, and delivery on time.

India Africa Courier System

When we look into these aspects we will find clear differences in how the logistics business works in Africa and India. The following article focuses on these aspects.

Indian Courier Services

In India, there are many courier services available like the DTDC, BlueDart, India Post, and many others. The Indian government owns the Indian post office and others are private logistic services. Private business units can establish courier services and can deliver the parcels across the country and to international locations as well. However, these private logistic businesses have to follow certain norms in order to run the business.

All these parcel services operate 24×7 and deliver the goods on time. The one exception is they accept the parcels from the customers during business hours only. Customers have to make sure that they hand over the packages to the pickup points in time. So that, they can be delivered within your excepted time. Otherwise, you have to pay more to avail of premium and speedy services, or else you wouldn’t expect on-time delivery.

Almost all the packaging services use the technology to automate the logistics and also to provide tracking information to the customers. With the number of companies increasing day by day in the logistic business, there is extremely high competition and this has made these logistic units to introduce many features that cover a wide range of customers and fulfill their varying needs. The outstanding thing is that all these logistic companies can deliver to any part of the country within the expected time frame.

African Courier Services

A huge number of courier services operate on the African continent. As it has different countries, each country has its own logistic service and the Africa post is the only that is available across the entire African continent. It is actually operated by both North and South Africa and was established in the year 1910.

Some of the countries in Africa are rich and some other are poor. This difference makes a big impact on the logistic companies to provide the services to their customers. That is why the services vary from country to country keeping their customers in mind. A wide range of options right from low cost to high cost are available. If you compare with India, the India post charges almost the same to deliver a package across any state. Whereas this is not the same, the price keeps on changing and a lot of factors play the role in deciding the price.

All these factors don’t impact the quality of the services provided by the Africa post. They do offer end to end logistics as they have a wide network of post offices. They do safeguard the package without tampering with them and provides security to the valuable goods.

I hope these differences have given you a clear picture of how a typical logistic business operates in any country. In the upcoming posts, we will write more about a specific courier service and how these operate in both India and Africa.

India Africa Connection

With India gaining increasing importance in international strategic and economic thinking, news from India and about India is being increasingly sought after by the rest of the world. Indo-Asian News Service (IANS) has carved a niche for itself not only in reporting India, South Asia, and the large Indian diaspora spread across the world, but also global events that are of interest to and impact on India, its geopolitics, is economy, its culture, society, and national aspirations.

India Map

A blend of the traditional and the modern, India is one of the oldest civilizations and the world’s largest democracy. It is home to 1 billion-plus people professing various faiths and speaking in different tongues. But what binds them together is a sense of ‘Indianness’ which is hard to define, but could be sensed instinctively amid all this mind-boggling diversity.

About Africa

The dawn of mankind, the cradle of human civilization, ancient land of myth, legends, and mystery, Africa has now joined the march of modernity and globalization. From the pharaohs of ancient Egypt to the grand emperors of Abyssinia and the legendary kings of Ethiopia, Africa has been home to myriad cultures and to knowledge and wisdom that continues to resonate in the African ethos today.

Africa, comprising 53 countries, is the world’s second-largest continent both in terms of land area and population, after Asia. The continent, at about 30.2 million km² (11.7 million sq mi) including adjacent islands, covers 6 percent of the Earth’s total surface area and 20.4 percent of the total land area. It is home to a billion people that account for about 14.8 percent of the world’s human population. The continent is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Suez Canal and the Red Sea to the northeast, the Indian Ocean to the southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

Multi-lingual and multi-religious, around 1,000 indigenous languages are spoken across the African continent, and nearly every religion has followers among African people. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, approximately 46.5 percent of all Africans are Christian and another 40.5 percent are Muslim, while 11.8 percent follow indigenous African religions. A small number of Africans are Hindu, Baha’i, or have beliefs from the Judaic tradition. Examples of African Jews are Beta Israel, Lemba peoples, and the Abayudaya of Eastern Uganda.

Africa Map

Africa is potentially the world’s richest continent. It’s blessed with a vast array of natural resources, including luxuriant forests, and minerals of just about every kind including gold, silver, diamond, copper, iron, zinc, and chrome. True, the continent faces a spate of formidable problems including widespread poverty, illiteracy, underdevelopment, chronic conflicts, and violence, some of them a spillover of colonial exploitation of the past, but it’s a tribute to the grit and endurance of the African people that they have not allowed these afflictions to cramp their onward march to modernity and a better collective future. Although the resource-rich region is in the news for mostly negative reasons, largely due to biases of media, there is no dearth of success stories in Africa.

Africa is in the throes of a defining resurgence that promises to have lasting implications for the global economy. Despite the global economic slowdown, the IMF has conjured up a robust future for the continent. According to the IMF, the African economy is expected to grow at an average rate of over 5 percent, which will be above the global average. A recent survey by The Economist reveals that 6 of the 12 fastest-growing economies are in sub-Saharan Africa. Africa has also emerged as a new oil hub that has sparked an unprecedented global interest in the continent. Oil producers like Angola, Libya, Mauritania, Republic of Congo, and Sudan are also some of the top-performing economies in Africa.

Two-thirds of African countries have successfully held multi-party elections and as many as 24 countries have signed up for the African peer review mechanism that allows a panel of “wise men” to benchmark the performance of African countries against four broad parameters, including democracy and good governance. “Something decidedly is on the horizon in Africa, something that began in the 1990s. Many African countries are rewriting rules,” said a recent World Bank report, capturing the mood of economic buoyancy in the region. A host of factors like improved political stability, people-centric governance, economic reforms, a confident embrace of globalization, surplus oil revenues, robust commodity prices, and cautious monetary and fiscal policies have contributed to the ongoing economic resurgence.